Holy Doctor!!!

What’s Abd?!!

I just got back from seeing the doctor. Yes, I’m sick. I have a flu, phlegm and a sty on my right eye. This trip to the doctor was something refreshing and beyond any normal trip. It was a trip that I forsee would have been going back there not because the doctor was a lady or because she was gorgeously looking like Jenna Jameson. She was a Sikh lady, old enough for me to call grandma. So what was it about that trip? It was the kind of conversation that she had engaged me in. *Alas! A non-busy a doctor who would take time to get to know the patient better*

Some of you may still wonder and say that well, most doctors talk and get to know patients better. Well, this conversation was beyond regular talk of the what, where, why, who and how to get information out from the patient. It was about religion and worldly view. A view I had long kept In myself knowing that no one would ever share similar views with me until today.

The conversations began with her asking me if I was fasting and the significance of it. So I gave her the regular answer that I’d give – abstinence from sins. I thought that was it but then she put her pen and took her glasses off and looked at me. She then proceeded on and told me that wasn’t that self-discipline then? She furthered on and said that she didn’t believe that there was a need to fast because fasting tortured your stomach who hadn’t done anything wrong. Fasting should only be for your eyes, ears and mouth because these are things that pollute your mind and translates into rubbish thinking and conversations.

She then carried on to talk about how saddened she was with what was happening in Pakistan

“How can those people say this is a holy month when they commit such crimes. I don’t think they should even call themselves Muslims because they are giving a bad name to the religion. Those people are just hungry for power and prefer to let their ego control them instead of them controlling it”.

I agreed and thought that she would stop after issuing me with a One day Medical Certificate. Then she turned and looked at me and asked me for the meaning of my name, Abdillah because she thought that perhaps it was misspelled since usually the name would be Abdullah, “Do you know what Abdillah/ Abdullah means?”

Me: “It means Servant of God”

As she carried on with her work of writing the prescriptions down on that white card, she stopped once more and said “No”.

Her: “Abdullah/ Abdillah means Slave of God. Servant means you can leave but Slave means you are stuck there forever until freedom is granted”

Wow! This doctor knows her stuff ahh.. I was impressed and hooked on to that conversations. Although I’m not sure if that is right or not since the name ‘Abdallah’ means “Servant of God”.

Okay well so anyways, she then asked me this bombshell, golden egg, cepu emas question:


So being the Muslim that I know, I told her that it meant “God Almighty”.

She simply stopped doing what she was doing and decided to enlighten me with her ideology.

“The term Allah was derived even before pre-islamic times. It means ‘The Thing That Cannot Be Seen’. There have been many descriptions of Allah – has got many eyes, is big. It’s simply a form of energy. It creates life. Allah was used to describe god because that was the word most suitable for it since it encompasses a big aspect in life”

So she carried on to talk about the different religions.

“We were all born out of HIS will and were given different faiths to choose from. All faiths have the same purpose, to come to HIM in the end. No one can ever say that one faith is better than the other because all faiths preach on a way of life. It is a handbook to live your life. All of us will die and all of us will go to heaven if you do good and go to hell to pay for your sins first.

I condone those Christians who go door to door attempting to convert people into their religion because no religion teaches you to go door to door to get more faith believers. It is a choice. It is a heritage. Religion is a heritage. No one has ever seen God. No prophet has ever seen him. If you look at plants, for example the rose. It has thorns yet it is beautiful. What god is trying to tell us through this is that we can all live harmoniously.”

All that time, I was just listening intently to this new piece of information. So much that I decided to made a research on the word Allah. True enough, during pagan period, the word Allah had already been used by worshippers but there was no Islam during that period. Allah was simply a term used to describe God because there was no other way to describe it.


“Ilah” in Arabic is “God” and “Al” in Arabic is a definite article like our word “the”. So from an English equivalent “Allah” comes from “The + God”.

Okay so, what’s my view on this?

I agree that religion is simply a way of life. It manifests in the way we live our lives and how we interact with others. However, we should also take note that all the other religions are praying to the same god because there can be no more than one god. Only perhaps there are just assistants to god who carry out his orders. I have also always wondered since young to know how God was like and how his existence came about but I know that being a Muslim, you are forbidden to ask such stuff. Now that I’m an adult, I believe that I have the right to question and derive my own conclusion.

My theory is that GOD was formed by a compound of energy that created the universal system and then its inhabitants. How he is able to speak to prophets and send revelations, that I do not know but I do hope that when I meet him on judgement day after serving my time in hell, he’ll be able to give me these answers because even in death, I’d still be curious.

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