Long Distant Relationship

What’s Abd?!!
[Another posting that is not politically motivated]

Long distance dating has always been a popular subject in today’s fast paced world of ever-changing environment. It is no different here in Singapore with plenty of us deciding to go overseas to further our studies or simply to find better lives.

Under some circumstances, some of us are attached and are forced to explore the world of long distant relationship, a term that was alien in your life until reality struck. The good part about this, you get plenty of space that you could ever ask for. The downside of it, you are lonely for most of the time because your cherished partner is too far for that cab ride down and you start to hallucinate all the impure thoughts that the devil drilled into you about long distant relationship. (Your girl dating another man or worst sleeping with him while you’re at home looking at photos and thinking when she’ll be by your side)

Most failures on long distant relationships are blamed on poor communication. Long distant relationship would definitely cost more than your regular monthly date night out when you take into consideration the expensive phone bills and that ludicrous amount of money you have to spend to fly over for that one week-romantic catch up that you been pinning for.

It helps of course that the internet gives you a greater autonomy on managing your phone bill finances because you could always do with Instant Messaging on MSN. You could even have a webcam chat with your darling and get to hear her voice and see her at the same time. What hurts about it is that you tend to feel lonelier at the end of the night cause you can’t be around her to feel her warmth or to give her that peck on her forehead before she goes to bed.

I’m not an expert in long distant relationship but a one-year long distant relationship has taught me quite a lot and well the internet is definitely a big help. The advent of MMS is also a great invention that helps keep your relationship sparklingly alive despite the distance. She was Singaporean but had moved to Australia as her dad was transferred there for work. Unfortunately, I never really got to meet her for a proper date but the long hours we spend chatting on MSN and talking on the phone just brought us in together that we fell in love.

She’d call me almost every other night and I’d send her messages everyday just to keep her occupied. So, here’s what I’m trying to say. Though long distant relationship is highly possible, there will come a point of time whereby you doubt yourself about the future.


Well, after a year of long distant relationship, I figured that since I was never going to Australia to study or live and that she was never coming back to Singapore to stay here, there was simply no way that this relationship could sustain any further other than pure friendship. So, that was it. I got attached to someone else which was absolutely short-lived and now I’m wondering if I should have never changed it but I guess it’s too late for regrets. We had a song for ourselves too, ‘Hey There Delilah’ and it fits us really well cause her name is interchangeable with Delilah, Diyanaah.

[ Pause the music above and play the video below to complete this post ]

Everytime I listen to this song, I just begin to tear thinking about the possibility.

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