Up Close & Personal

What’s Abd?!!

[This is a special post to get to know the man behind WhatsAbd better]

What’s your name?

I have two names actually that I go by actually.

The first is the name that my dad gave me which my mom refused to have it registered, Indra Sa Putra.

The other is my registered name, Mohamad Abdillah.

How old are you?

24 this December 2008.

What do you do?

I’m a paid employee for a company handling administration of CCAs in a Junior College, I’m a volunteer mentor for youths-at-risk, I’m part of my polytechnic’s performing arts group – Sang Singa Purba and I’m a failed and budding entrepreneur.

That’s quite a lot of things that you do! You have so much free time?

Free time? What free time? I spend my free time on all those things.

Ok ok… Let’s not get you agitated.. So are you attached?

Thank god I am. None of my body parts are detached!

So, what made you set up WhatsAbd?!!

Well, the purpose for setting this up was because I wanted it to be a platform whereby things which are factual and affects every livelihood gets disseminated.

But why are your posts solely about politics?

Politics affects our everyday life without us realizing it. Whatever happens in another country will affect the policies and how we live our lives. Most people are just ignorant and only know how to complain without first analyzing the situations and reasons.

So are you ever going to talk about something other than politics?

Yes I will from now onwards.

So what can we expect from future posts?

More informative posting beyond politics.

So we already know what you like to do, tell your readers more about what you like.

I have readers? Wow! Interesting!

Ok ok.. I like to write, read and think deeply.

Very profound. So what do you not like?

I abhor lateness and people who do not live up to their words.

I see.. so any last words?

Well yah, if you are reading this.

Thank you for enduring this. I know its boring, sorry to have wasted your time. If you are hoping to read something about love and shits here, I think you came to the wrong place. You should visit http://tebabom.multiply.com if you wanna read more about me personally!

While you’re here, read about something that’s important for once! If you don’t like me or want to say anything to me, you can email me personally abdillah_spy007@sseayp.sg

Can we get your number?

Don’t push your luck!!!

Ok Ok!! So, is there anywhere else on the web where you can be found on?

Yes. You can find me on youtube channel: wolvy14.

Ok great. We’re looking forward to seeing you more online on all those sites that you mentioned. We wish you all the best in your pursuit for entrepreneurship and life. Hopefully you’ll find someone special to occupy your time as well other than all that you have mentioned.

That’s very kind of you. Thank you very much.

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