What’s Abd?!!

Quite a number has been going on especially with Malaysia and the opening of the Olympics in Beijing!!

Oh yeah!!!! The long awaited event of the century I suppose that’s suppose to WOW the world and of course the expected outcome for Malaysia’s incumbent opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim.

So Mr Politics, what are your views on the Olympics and the situation in Malaysia?
Didn’t you catch the opening of the Olympics??
I didn’t watch anything other than the lighting up of the flames. It was truly remarkable and definitely refreshing!! I never expected such a spectacle!
Indeed!!! Do you think Beijing will be able to carry out what they had planned to do in the Olympics?
If what you meant is in reference to the air quality. It really is difficult to gauge unless there’s a moat being placed around Beijing to filter the bad air out of the city. The vehicles travelling within the city center would also need to be using unleaded petrol and be of good maintenance to ensure that air quality is well maintained for the athletes. In being optimistic, I believe that such measures in place at the moment will be sufficient to control the air quality.
That confident aren’t you?
Yes I am! Because if the Chinese are able to replicate Western products in such a short period of time. I don’t see why this is not possible. The Chinese have a way with handling things and most of the time, dogged determination is what sets them apart from the rest of the world.
Okay, turning to Malaysian politics. What are your views on the arrest of Anwar Ibrahim.
I think it was expected. This is definitely a political game to end Anwar’s dogged determination to get back into politics. However, I believe that the Malaysian government has placed themselves in a situation whereby if they had conspired with someone to bring Anwar down, then it is they who will definitely falter.
Why do you say so?
Well, it is clearly seen that the government and law of Malaysia is trying to prevent Anwar from gaining power in politics. It is also evident that in actual fact, with Anwar’s arrest, the police should have also arrested the alleged victim, Saiful.
Is it? Why?
This is because, as informed and stated, it is against law to be committing sodomy in Malaysia even if consensual. At this point of time, ONLY Anwar is arrested and Saiful was not arrested. Therefore, I can safely conclude correct as of current, that Saiful is a member of UMNO or was paid and the laws are still not free from corruption or transparency. In actual fact, Saiful should have been the first person to be arrested since he confessed that he had been sodomised. IF going by the rule of thumb that, “All individuals are presumably innocent until proven guilty”, then Anwar should not have been arrested but merely put on close police monitoring.
Doesn’t it all make sense now!!
Politics is Dirty right?
Perhaps just to add on a bit more. The doctor who examined Saiful is a GP with 30 years of experience has fled the country with his family for safety reasons. The doctor has examined and certified that Saiful WAS NOT sodomised.

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