Being Jew

What’s Abd?!!
So, what are you going to be talking about this week?

Well, I think I’ll stay away from political talk for the time being and focus on sensitive issues that grapple our everyday lives.
Sounds great! So what’s on the table this time?

Do you watch movies?
Who doesn’t?! I think everyone does!

True. So my next question is, how often do you watch movies and what are your favourites?
Hmmm… I watch movies quite often in the past. If I don’t, then at least I’ll buy the VCDs/ DVDs. I’m into a lot of movies but I favour light-hearted comedy movies or love stories just to make my day.
Can you name me some of those that you really like or fondly remember of?
50 First Dates, Deuce Bigalow Male Gigolo, Wedding Singer, You Don’t Mess With Zohan just to name a few.

So, what can you identify these movies with?
Hmmmm… funny, cute, lovable!

Okay good. There’s a also a subtle similarity in all the movies if you observe properly.
There is? What is it?

The movies which are light-hearted, funny, romantic are usually acted by Jew actors and often end up with Jew marriages.
Hmmm… that’s actually true!
But why focus on the Jews?

Well, because if you haven’t realized, the entertainment industry is populated and controlled by the Jewish community.
Oh yeah? Name me these companies!

MGM, Dreamworks, Paramount, Forbes, Reader’s Digest, Newsweek, FOX Network, CBS, CNN. These are just a few.
Wow!! That’s like the whole lot of Jew going around!!!
Are you against them?

No no. I have nothing against them but it’s just best to know that what you are watching may contain Jewish content and perhaps news being reported may be biased.

So, what else is there that’s jewish?

Your favourite McDonalds and Starbucks is Jewish owned too!

Gosh… So much Jew ahh… But why do you say, entertainment industry is Jew. They have Christian names!

Well, I’ll give you a few of the famous names. Woody Allen’s real name is Allen Konigsberg. Bob Dylan is Robert Zimmerman. Larry King is Larry Zeiger. For the full list and more:
Woah.. Hell a lot from the list!! Ok ok.. So what else do you want to say?

Nothing more to say.. I’ll just put up links to several articles that is related to this topic.

Wah… So many lar… I’m getting tired of it. Before you end.. what’s your final word?

Jew’s are controlling much of the world today despite their small existence in the form of Israel. You watch Jew, eat Jew and is basically living like a Jew.

So, they are a very tightly knit society?

No doubt. Here in Singapore, try going into a Synagogue. You’d get turned away. National Education in Singapore does not conduct trips to Synagogues unlike Mosques, Temples and Churches. Anyone can enter Mosques, Temples and Churches freely but not Synagogues because entry is ONLY exclusively to Jews.

How you know?

I know because I’ve tried! They have their Mass on Mondays and Saturdays if not mistakened.

Maybe I shall give it a try!

Maybe you should! But be wary that you may not get to go in.


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