Loi Krathong

What’s Abd?!!
Thailand’s government has been suffering a slate of political woes in the recent weeks. At the moment, three of the parliamentary members has already either been removed, resigned or forced to resign.
Wah! What’s happening there?
The People’s Power Party (PPP), which was previously the party led by then PM Thaksin, has been put on trial for corruption amongst other charges.
So, they have been losing?

Yes, they have been losing and the courts have instructed for the Health Minister and Deputy Leader of PPP to be removed from office.
That’s a big sign of corruption la!!

Definitely! Such removals is a cause for worry especially for Thais as it would seem evident that the government was heavily involved in vote-buying, a charge that the government has constantly denied any involvement in.
With the recent inflation in the economy as a result of rising oil prices, this new revelation will cause more damage to the Thai economy as the people look forward to a brighter and more prosperous economy outlook.
Investor confidence would no doubt be affected and this would have a domino effect on the entire nation.
So, what does the government need to do??

The government needs to rebuild trust and confidence in the Thai people and the business community internationally. This would especially apply to investors who prefer to be on a level-playing ground and those not interested in underhand tactics.
But what will happen to businesses who prefer this underhand tactics?

For businesses who prefer underhand tactics, they will not be helping the Thai economy or themselves in the long-run. This is because as nations surge ahead towards transparency, more companies/ businesses will be put under the limelight by anti-corruption agencies. The only way ahead now is for PM Samak to reshuffle his cabinet (which he definitely have to) and to reinstate or put ministers with integrity who share the ideology of removing corruption from its’ government.
That will surely be a big task ahead!!

Definitely!! For as long as there are still officials who are graft driven spurned on by dirty businesses/ companies, the economy will have difficulty staying on the right track.

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