Sodomy Boleh!!

What’s Abd?!!
Hey!! What happened to all the news?? Where have you been?!

There’s been too many stories going around and I have no idea how, where or when I should begin!
I guessed so especially with so much happened in Malaysia!

I just knew you would bring that up!! I’m sure the whole world has their eyes on Malaysia at the moment!!
Definitely!! With what has been going on, seems like deja vu!

Sure is but this time round I think it’s different.
Oh yeah? How so?

I believe that the conspiracy theory behind this situation at the moment could perhaps not be from the ruling Barisan Nasional but I also cannot rule that out.
Why do you say so?

Well, true to say that Ex-DPM Anwar Ibrahim is making his comeback and has announced that several lawmakers from the ruling Barisan Nasional would defect to the opposition. However, this could merely be a ruse that he is coughing out to strike fear and uncertainty within the Barisan Nasional party ranks and also to show that PM Abdullah has lost his party members confidence and respect. Further to this, there could also be a possibility that Ex-DPM Anwar realises that he does not have the required numbers to topple to government and therefore staged another ‘sodomy’ charge in order for him to gain sympathy and win over the citizens as well as attention internationally. In addition to that, Ex-DPM Anwar further went to ‘hiding’ at the Turkish Embassy. This itself, gained international attention on the situation. He also mentioned that there was a possibility for his assasination.

So, you don’t believe that Barisan Nasional is behind the sodomy charge?
It’s a really difficult situation there at the moment.

What’s your view on Barisan Nasional then? Do you think they’d do such a thing?

To try to charge someone for something which he was already acquited for in the first place doesn’t seem smart. I don’t think Anwar would be so horny that he needed to relieve himself to a 23 year-old guy. It’s just ridiculous and if you’re the government, I think you should know that you shouldn’t try something that doesn’t work. The first time he got charged for sodomy, he was acquited. I don’t think the government would want to use that same story to topple their opponent. It’s passe.
So, what’s your take on this story then?

My take is that I believe that Anwar is fabricating this story to gain international attention in his rise towards power. His thirst for power is growing immensely and I can sense that he is eager to be the Malaysian PM in each and every way possible. Because at this point, I think he wants revenge. He seems to be a man full of vengeance at this current state.

I could be wrong too but whatever the case. I believe this time round, a group of people will go to jail.

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