Governing Questions

What’s Abd?!!
Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew mentioned that Singapore could crumble within 5 years should governance be transferred be the opposition.

Really? Possible meh?
He was responding to a question and answer session that was posed by a Bangladeshi reporter on the governance of Singapore.
If we analyse the current political situation here in Singapore, the opposition parties are unable to offer to an alternative solution to better govern Singapore.
Why do you say that? You mean they are not good enough?
It is unfair to say that they are not good enough because they have never governed Singapore. However, I dare say that they are not providing alternative solutions to problems that Singaporeans are facing amidst high inflation and public policies.

The opposition has only been able to critique these policies and demand a better solution from the government more often than to offer a credible solution to the problem.
So, you are saying that the opposition is not getting to the heart of it?
The core problem will always remain as such and the current government will continue to enjoy prosperity because opposition parties are not able to address this issue to create an impact amongst Singaporeans.

The Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) has been opposing the government by means of public protests. This creates an awareness of such a problem which everyone is also facing. However, protests does not solve the problems. It only goes to show how much the party is putting pressure on the government to make new changes but it does not show if the party is able to come out with ideas to suggest and implement new changes which will be better for Singaporeans.
Ahhh I see.. So what do you suggest?
Take heed from what the government is doing at the moment.

If you pay closer attention, you will realize that although Chiam See Tong is in control of his ward. However, the government still place their own member there for “Meet the People Session”. This is a strategic move to connect with the people and understand the problem of the people in that area before the next election. It is therefore, extremely important for opposition parties to re-strategize after every electoral defeat and learn from their mistakes.
If the people of the ward that you are contesting does not feel your presence except until months before the election, it is too late. It would be evident that such a move would falter. To govern, the party has to be sincere. To be sincere, they must go right into the heartlands to understand the people and their problems and provide alternative solutions. Appearing at the doorstep months before elections is not deemed as sincere.
Voters are getting educated and know what they want. It is therefore crucial for opposition parties to serve the needs of the people in their wards first and prove that they are worthy of the votes.
I see.. I see… Very Interesting. I never thought of it that way before.. But what about protests? Isn’t protests part of democracy?
Protests is part of democracy. In Singapore, the law has been drawn up to ban protests. Therefore, one must learn how to work around the system before one is able to change it. If you want protests and protests is banned, then you should work with the system to get into a position that would allow you to change the system first. After that, you can decide whether or not protests should be banned or not.

Why do you look like you are against protests?
I am not.
However, I do want to see a change in governance or a bigger voice in governance from the opposition party. At the moment, the opposition parties are not doing much to win the hearts of Singaporeans that I begin to wonder whether or not the opposition has a heart to govern the country.

Because if the opposition has no heart to govern the country, then if they do win, the citizens will suffer from mis-governance. I hope if there is any opposition leader reading this, you will take heed of my advice because I am a citizen who is seeking change and I know what is lacking from the view that I see.
You talk like you should be a politician. Why don’t you run for elections instead?
Maybe I will, when the time is right.
There’s still plenty to work around with at the moment but the work has already begun.

Wah… Politician in the making huh? Wish you all the best ahh!
Thank You!

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