Imminent War

What’s Abd?!!

John Bolton, former American ambassador to United Nations, predicts that Israel will attack Iran after the November presidential election but before the new president is sworn in.

John Bolton? Related to Michael Bolton huh? Why does he say that??

Well, according to him, he believes that the current Bush administration will not be attempting to go to war and to wait for the new president to be sworn in would be beneficial to Iran as this would allow Iran time to develop their ‘nuclear capabilities’ further awaiting action from the new administration.

However, he also believes that Israel is not willing to take any action before the elections as they do not wish to jeopardise the situation further in U.S.

But hasn’t the presidential candidates given their respective comments on how to deal with the situation?

Well, John McCain might still be waging war however the process and decision of which it decides to go to war would have allowed Iran to have fully developed their ‘nuclear ambitions’. As for Obama, he has made a clear stand that he would be engaging Iran in a high-level open talks “without preconditions”.

Isn’t the decision better then?

Seems to be better but as we all know, these countries, especially Israel with whom the United States has a close friendship and considers it a really close ally cannot afford to wait for United States to come out with a decision. Moreover, Iran is a neighbouring state to Israel and the lack of understanding between religions has further caused this rift.

So, are you saying that if they go to war, it’ll be because of religion?

If we examine war on a historical context, you will realise that more often that not, wars are waged because of religion. Most wars are also between two religion; Christianity and Islam. In the past, Jews and Islam were often the target of Christians. Islam was an expanding religion that had taken the world by storm. Much of Europe was conquered by Islam and under Islam, these countries had thrived in the areas of literature, arts and many others and were the envy of Christians. Spain was ruled by Muslim rulers for a very long time and its’ city then was Granada. However, Christians then waged a war and Islam lost to it. This was the period of the Crusades. Not many Islamic civilization is left in Spain nor are its artistical heritage as most of it has been destroyed due to war.

Ouh… that’s interesting. I didn’t know that.

That’s just a bit of history for you. So yes, war these days are also influenced by religion, not just politics.

How is that so?

War in current times are influenced by religion, supported by politics and power. Let’s examine, the Iraq war. President Bush is a Jew (if i’m not mistaken). So he decides to attack Iraq as a legacy to continue what his father did not manage to achieve, topple Saddam Hussein. In attacking Iraq, he mentions that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction which was never discovered. In actual fact, he was only interested in the vast amount of crude oil that was available in Iraq.

I’m sure not many of you know this but months before the Iraq war, the U.S government had given out bids to companies to manage the oil. This tender was of course won by Halliburton. How do I know? I have insider contacts of course! That’s my job as a correspondent!

Wah! I didn’t know of such a thing!

Well, now that you are aware. You should be more informed of what the motives waging such wars are.

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