Holy Sex

What’s Abd?!!

Where is the best place you’d ever consider having sex?

Well, definitely a place where there’s a possibility of getting caught! It’s just thrilling and it really spices your love life!

So that would mean all public places right?


In Rome, Italy, an Italian couple had sex at the most interesting place!

They did??? Where???

Have you caught the movie, ‘Euro Trip’ before?

‘Euro Trip’? Hell yeah!!

The Italian couple, in their 30’s were caught having sex in a church during one morning Mass.

During a MASS?????

Ahuh… during a Mass. Apparently, they were caught having sex in the, get this, CONFESSIONAL BOX!!!

Woahhh!!! Power ahhh!!! Exactly like ‘Euro Trip’!!!

Hahaha.. Yeah!!! Exactly like ‘Euro Trip’! Maybe they were inspired?

So what happened to them?

Well, they were cautioned by the police for ‘obscene act in public’ and ‘disturbing a religious function’.

‘Disturbing a religious function’ huh? I’m quite sure they must have! The confessional box must have been shaking a lot!!! hahahahaha

Hahahah… I guess so! Well, apparently they had been drinking all night and were probably in a drunken stupor and didn’t realise that they had gone too far. But perhaps, being in a drunken state also gives them a good excuse.

So I should get drunk too yeah!! And I’d probably just get away with a caution! So what happened to them after that?

Well, they went to meet the local bishop to ask for forgiveness of course!! And thank god, the bishop forgave them.

The bishop that celebrated a “Mass of Repatriation” in the cathedral where the confessional box incident had taken place to make up for the sacrilege.

Anyways, if you are thinking of having sex in a public place here in Singapore. Do be mindful that you are probably not the only one around doing the deed. In this stressful nation, I’m sure plenty of Singaporeans need sex!! Especially the bosses/ supervisors!!

Agree!! Agree!! Come to work and start scolding people for no reason! Confirm the night before never got it from his/ her partner!

Hahahha… Totally!! But yes, if you want to do it in public. Pray that if you get caught, the police officers who attend to you are understanding enough to let you off with just a warning because it is an offence in the eyes of the law to have sex in public.

I have caught a couple having sex in the back of a car before during my patrolling days – in broad daylight, but we let them off with a warning.

Woah… cool ahhh… Must have been exciting!

Yes.. Sure is exciting but you have to exercise discretion and understand that they are a couple and perhaps just need a place right there and then!

Remember! Whatever it is! Exercise Safety First!!

Yes Sir!!

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