Security Breached!

What’s Abd?!!

In Britain today, top secret documents containing the security services’ latest intelligence on the Al-Qaeda ‘terror’ network was left on a commuter train.

Wah sehhh ahhhh…. what’s inside ahhh?

The documents include the latest assessments from the Joint Intelligence Committee on Al-Qaeda and the situation in Iraq. The documents were found by another passenger and it was subsequently passed to Security Correspondent at the British Broadcast Center (BBC).

Wah jialat man… so the letter got the big “SECRET” stamp is it?

Fuah… Document so important yet carry in an envelope? Cheapskate siaa…

Well, according to proper procedures, documents of such nature should in fact be kept in a secure briefcase before transportation. Otherwise, even the person authorised to carry the document can read it.

So what happen to the guy carrying it? Kena Sack already??
Well the person is actually a senior civil servant. He has currently been suspended from duty pending investigations by an Internal Inquiry board.
It would also be quite difficult for the Cabinet Office also at the moment because the person was employed by the Cabinet Office and his job scope was to tighten Government security procedures.
Hahaha… Irony Ahhhh!!!
Indeed it is! Further to that, the documents were actually marked “UK Top Secret” and “for UK/US/Canadian and Australian eyes only”.
Wahh… The Axis of Terror ahhh!!
Errr… *smiles*
Well this isn’t the first such case of a security breach in Britain. It has on previous occasions also lost data containing DNA of criminals and more recently before this, two discs containing 25 million child benefit claimants which included bank details, addresses, dates of birth and insurance numbers. The latter has still not been recovered yet till this day despite a 6-week investigation by Scotland Yard.
Wahhh… Horrible ahhhhh!!
Considering that rapists and murderers were allowed to commit crimes for a year after the DNA data was lost. It definitely must be – more than just horrible!

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