Bananas In Pyjamas

What’s Abd?!!
Heard of Pisang?

That’s Banana isn’t it? Now I’m thinking of Banana Fritters!! Treating me huh?

Heard of Pulau Pisang?

Banana Island?? Woah… island full of pisangs huh? Or ‘pisang’? Ya’know? That PISANG?! ORR is that where Bananas In Pyjamas come from??

Hahahaha.. No no no… Pulau Pisang is another Island that has a lighthouse on it..

Aiyaa… Lighthouse?! Are we going into Pedra Branca again? Why can’t it be Bananas In Pyjamas.. I miss seeing them ya’know. Are you thinking what I’m thining B1? I think I am B2!

Hahahaha… Well I love that show too!! But well you’re not wrong that this is Pedra Branca – the sequel! Pulau Pisang Lighthouse has been managed by the Singapore government for a very very long time. Pulau Pisang is also under the sovereignty of Johor. With the loss of Pedra Branca, Johorians are angry that poor management by the government had caused an Island that should belong to them is now under Singapore.

So, now they want to go International Court of Justice again huh?

I doubt so because the island rightfully belongs to Johor. The management of the lighthouse is performed by Singapore. I believe that the Johor government would just request for Singapore government to leave indicating that they’d be taking over the management of the lighthouse in due course of time.

Wah seh liau.. So how now?

The Malaysian side is currently coming out with plans to redevelop the island because the island is home to many fishermen. Malaysia also sees the island as a potential generator to boost tourism with its eco-centric nature. (is there even a word eco-centric?) But essentially, Johorians are angry at losing Pedra Branca wants the government to stake its claim on the islands that rightfully belongs to them.

Such behest?? (and yah lar.. is there eco-centric?)

Well, the government is now at the becking orders of its citizens with the recent loss in elections. They need to pacify the citizens first and gain back the trust of its citizens. It is also worthy to note that there might be a snap polls sometime towards the end of the year as mentioned by Ex-Malaysian DPM Anwar Ibrahim.

Wow.. Exciting isn’t it to be a Malaysian? Such democracy! Unlike Singapore…

Well, I agree. But perhaps we should remember that the pledge mentions, “Towards A Democratic Society”. That means we shall head towards democracy but never be democratic. This can be done by looking democratic but in actual governance, not.

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