Oily Situation

What’s Abd?!!

Malaysia Just Increased Their Oil Prices!
We can’t do much about that can we? Malaysia has for a very long time heavily subsidised oil taxes making them the 2nd cheapest oil distributor in ASEAN after Myanmar. Besides, the price for oil has significantly increased by a big margin and all sectors of trade are terribly affected. So, we should not be too angry about it.

Their PM at least came out with a genius idea to offset the high cost.
What did ours do?
Well, that’s a hard one to get over. No doubt the Malaysian PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi decided to cut ministers wages by 10% and to limit overseas holiday travel to only ASEAN region. Though laudable, we should also take note that such a measure was taken due to his dwindling popularity amongst Malaysians as shown in the recent General Elections where they lost 5 states and 2/3 of the majority in the process.
The Singapore government does not face this problem here due to the strong fear that MM Lee had successfully instilled within Singaporeans with monopoly of the media and the extreme uses of the Internal Security Act (ISA). Therefore, the current government enjoys a relatively relaxing time in cabinet and can afford to continue raising prices as deemed fit whilst continue to enjoy their costly wages and benefits.

So is there any alternative to get around this period of inflation.
The first thing one should note is to limit unnecessary spending and to set a monthly budget and stick to it. Spending on entertainment such as movies are defined as ‘wants’ and can be put off while food is defined as ‘wants’. As food costs have risen to coincide with the rise in oil prices, it would therefore be advisable to save on entertainment and focus on basic necessities. Instead of going to movies, youtube is available and most of the movies are uploaded on youtube.

Another option is also to take the public transport IF you are driving to work and only IF you toggle between home and office because this would definitely help you cut cost. No doubt you will have to leave home slightly earlier and squeeze in with potential Body Odours (BO), I guarantee you will save a lot more than just your dollars worth. There’s also the chance for you to meet and get to know people whom you’ve never met before.

If you decide that perhaps you still preferred to be alone and not to take public transport or drive, then you may want to invest some money in a good bicycle. Mr Brown (famous blogger) cycles to work and he can attest to the benefits of cycling to work aside from the obvious of saving money, you get a good workout too. If you do decide to cycle to work, please take a shower first at home and ensure that you are properly geared up to cycle and to work because if you forgot something at home; there’s no turn.. err cycling back.
That basically means a whole change of lifestyle!

You’re right! Definitely a change in lifestyle. Changes in economy affects livelihood in many different ways especially the pockets! Therefore, it is prudent that one takes concern in what happens in world politics especially neighbouring countries as their policies will make an almost immediate impact on you. The world is ever changing and will not look back. If you missed a second, someone would have soared ahead of you. Living in Singapore especially difficult too as prices soar in leaps and bounds while your paycheck remains at present value. Living a modest lifestyle within your paycheck will keep you secured, at least a while longer.

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