Back On-Line

What’s Abd?!!
Proud and happy to be back on-line blogging! Several changes have been made to the layout to bring a more direct and media approach to the readers to reinstate with the new notion of
‘Your Daily Digest’
Older articles were unable to be re-transferred due to HTML issues. Thus, the old site has been renamed to:
Old articles remains at the above website.
This current ‘upgrade’ boasts of links to the various International News agencies whose local government politics affect the livelihood and policies globally. This links are found on the upper portion of this blog.
If you wish to make a quick search online, there is also a link where you are able to type what you are looking for and then click on ‘Google It!’. This feature is powered by
For friends in Sang Singa Purba and SSEAYP, links are available on the right column on the page.
Last but not least, do leave your print on the tagboard and post up any interesting news/ events that you wish to share.
Do also leave comments on what features you like and what new features would be interesting to have.

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