One Nation Under Harry – The Review

What’s Abd?!!
A really interesting video screening by Honest Productions (What a name for a production house!)

This video actually deserves airtime on Arts Central or ChannelNewsAsia (impossible of course) or on History Channel or any other television channel that airs Political, Historical and Law Documentaries. I actually thought that this video presented a really good view of the political history, media history and evolution of law gazettes in Singapore.

However, I dislike the fact that the director of the video had to resort to such alterations to certain individual faces. The normal representation of the face of the individual would have made the director look more respectable. With what he’s done to the faces only makes him look like someone who’s unleashing the anger and hatred that has resided within him (comparing to a volcanic eruption) and now he’s throwing a big tantrum (similar to Dear Neighbour).

Nevertheless, the video managed send out a good message to viewers. I would recommend this video to all foreigners who are interested in the study of Singapore. I also strongly recommend this video to History, Political Science, Communications and Law students. This video is also a good teaching tool in the classroom for a more left-wing view on the political climate in Singapore.

In another separate note, I was informed that this video was actually private screened at the basement of some hotel a few weeks back in May 2008. Members of the Singapore Police Force then came in to stop and to seize all documents involved in the screening of this video. The Media Development Authority (MDA) had also come. There is of course a law governing the screening of all movies/ videos in Singapore – It must be censored by the MDA prior to screening. I’m not sure if it applies to private screening and what are the restrictions to private screening but obviously, private screening would mean out of public view.

I was also told that anyone who visited the link at youtube would have their IP addresses tracked by the Police or more rightly so, Internal Security Department assisted by the Computer Crimes Department. So, here’s me saving you from the trouble to get your IP addresses tracked at youtube.

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