Neighbourly Relations

What’s Abd?!!

Recently, Malaysia and Singapore squared of at the International Court of Justice to battle over the rights of Pedra Branca and 2 rocks in the middle of sea (that explains the name Middle Rocks).
So Singapore won rights over Pedra Branca and the 2 middles rocks were favoured to Malaysia.
So Singapore is now rejoicing over the victory and both sides have agreed to begin talks to draw boundary lines.
It is discerning to note that border lines would be hard to draw up as Pedra Branca is nearer to the coast of Malaysia like how Middle Rocks is nearer to Singapore waters. So what’s the solution? I have no idea but perhaps once the border lines are drawn, everyone who passes by Pedra Branca would have to pay a ERP tolls.

Okay, maybe the picture is not clear. For a better and clearer picture. Visit

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