Hair Raising Experience

What’s Abd?!!

Having Problems With Your Hair and Scalp?

Thinking of Visiting Those Shops That Regrow Your Hair?

Well, I recently gave it a try and visited Yun Nam Hair Care. I’m sure you must be wondering the experience and how much it will set you back. I will share with you here on the entire experience that I was there.

I began balding about 1.5 – 2 years ago when I started my irregular sleeping hours due to shift work thanks to National Service with the Singapore Police Force as a Neighbourhood Police Centre Officer. Prior to this, I had healthy and thick hair and my mom was constantly complaning to me about how thick my hair was. I have never tried going for professional treatment as I was a firm believer that if this was how god had determined my hair to be, I should accept it and look good in it. Besides, my confidence had never been affected by the lack of hair or balding hair despite my close friends constant dosage of humour.

Recently, I been getting a lot more attention to my scalp from my mom who’s constantly been afffected by my balding hair. So, I decided that okay, I’ll do something about it (I also decided that since I wasn’t married, I wanted to have hair for my wedding day – when the day arrives). It was a tv commercial that got me into it, those promotional videos never worked on me before until that night when I just decided to send an sms to the promotion that I saw – $300 voucher for new customer! So, I sent the sms hoping to get it as it was available for the first 100 customers only. I received a reply shortly after informing that the consultants would get back to me but it was at night so I doubt so.

Next morning at work, I received a call from one of the staff of Yun Nam who informed me that they received my sms and wanted to set an appointment for consultation and for me to utilize my $300 voucher. I had an appointment set for Friday evening after work and immediately went to do some research on the internet. Apparently, Yun Nam offers Free Consultation and Free First Treatment for its customers. So that means I could use my $300 for another session/ treatment.

The Experience at Yun Nam

Upon arrival, I was greeted by the same cheerful voice that had greeted me over the phone the previous day. The bad spoken english by the staff was the same one I had heard earlier. Bad spoken english is tolerable to a certain extend, hers was still tolerable. So she had me sat in one of the Consultation Rooms and asked my for my NRIC which she had previously reminded me to bring along for registration. She then handed me this Yun Nam Consultation Card which had an array of questions for me to answer. The questions were mostly asking about my health condition, eating habits and exercise habits.

Shortly after I completed, this cute lady entered the Consultation Room that had a photo frame of hair follicle being hung.
She introduced herself as Michelle, “Herrow, you are Mr MoaaHaaMaad?”
“Yes, I am and you are?”, I asked.
“My name is Michelle…” she answered.
She then began asking me these series of questions that was on the card before she said that she wanted to do a scan of my scalp but not before she chided me.
“You are so young, losing hair awready?”, she chided.
“Yes” I responded
“You are so fair, look like Chinese. Mix blood arh?”, she further interrogated me
“Yes. I’m mixed heritage. I have Chinese, Arab, Indonesian and Malay blood” I responded giving her all my family bloodline to end any further questions about heritage
“Oh! So can you speak Chinese?”, she further questioned obviously not comfortable in speaking English
“Sorry, I can’t speak Mandarin” I lied to her as I preferred to have her speak English.

So, she then began scanning my scalp using this ultra-uber cool device which was a camera with strong lights on it that could see the very pores of my scalp. As she flipped through my hair and scanned and took pictures of my scalp, I observed what my scalp actually looks like. My scalp was oily like an oil tanker just had an oil spill in the sea and some of my pores seem to have closed up.

After she was done, she began to explain to me about my hair and scalp and the condition of it with concern. When she was done, she began to do the Sales talk. Telling me the cost of treatment and the duration of which was required of me to undergo to regain my hair and scalp vitality. She drew a timeline that comprised of ‘Cleansing’ and ‘Regrowth’ which she mentioned as ‘Legroh”.

The minimum cost that I had to be prepared to pay for a maximum of 10 Cleansing Sessions was S$1300. That’s S$130 per session. Michelle then told me that I had to pay in full 10 session upfront! Or I could do a deposit for 5 sessions. Further to that, she informed that otherwise, I could do tourist sessions which would set me back S$250 per session. But I got deterred when she mentioned that I would not be entitled to utilize the S$300 voucher if I decided not to pay for the full 10 sessions now. That would mean that I had to then pay S$1600 for the 10 Cleansing Sessions. The voucher could only be used if I took up the package! Sigh!!

I wouldn’t even want to mention the cost of Regrowth (S$230 per session minimum 10). So, I tried all means and ways to tell her nicely that I’m not interested if it was going to be this costly. So she decided to pull a new trick in and decided to gave me my much awaited First Free Cleansing Treatment. As I sat on the chair and allowed her tender hands to massage my head and hair, I swear it felt damn good. It felt like we were making out except that we weren’t! Haha! It was such an erotic feeling to have her massage my scalp and looking at the mirror that we were facing into my eyes, as if she was trying to seduce me.

She then stopped abruptly taking away the orgasmic feeling that I was enjoying and invited me to wash my hair. The washing of the hair felt like she was being rough for a short 5 minutes. Tugging and rummaging my hair with water running on my head. After we were done, she dried my hair and wrapped it with a face towel. I thought I saw a good looking Singh when I looked at myself in the mirror! Haha!

She then put some treatment herbs on my hair. The herbs felt cold like ice as she spread it evenly on my head. She then closed my hair with a plastic cap and began the massages again-this time shorter and left me all alone to entertain myself. She had placed a cup of hot tea and crackers on a small table beside, “For you ha”.

As I grabbed the day’s New Paper to keep myself occupied, my head started to feel like the herbs was working on my scalp to do a miracle regrowth or ‘legroh”. She came 20 minutes later and washed my hair again before putting me to sit again on her black ‘operating’ chair to dry my hair this time with a hair dryer to give me the ‘out of bed’ look like I just had a night with her.

We then proceeded to the ‘Consultation Room’ once more. She did another analysis of my scalp with the cool gadget she had and I was amazed. The pores had opened up and the oil on my scalp had been cleansed off! The cleansing session did actually work! I was convinced that this treatment could really work to give me back my hair vitality! As she sat back in her chair, she embarked on her psychosis and charm to persuade me to take up the package with not much success. She did everything a sales person should do to persuade an unconvinced customer. (I learnt about these selling methods when I was working for a MLM)

I finally snapped when she did not get the hint that I was not willing to pay such high cost for hair regrowth.
“I think it is unfair for me to make a decision right now due to the high cost involved in this treatment. I require more time to make a more informed decision as this is a big investment. Besides, this is not a matter of life and death where I have to make a decision now”, I argued.
“Orhh, life and death? But you know, if you don’t it today, you will not be entitled to the S$300 voucher and must pay S$1600 for your cleansing session”, she countered me hoping I’d be bought into her selling tactics.
“I’m sorry but I am unable to. I can however agree to set up an appointment again next week. I will need this time to decide on whether or not I am willing to pay such costs of treatment for my hair”, I continued.
“Next week appointment? Ok ok. It’s quite obvious that you will not come back lar har”, she said sounding pissed.

By now, her sweet looking face had turned into an angry lady who despite her beauty couldn’t charm me into buying her selling tactics. So I left feeling happy with my decision and decided that I will find an alternative method that is less costly. *All smiles*

FYI, all the hair consultants are beautiful looking ladies who look like they can seduce men with their hands.

7 thoughts on “Hair Raising Experience

  1. Hahaha. I’m reading this while doing the ‘free consultation’ in Yun Nam and I’m laughing my ass off. I dont think I can look at the sales lady’s hands now.
    Thanks for the tip!


  2. I’m currently sitting in the chair in Yun Nam, reading this.
    Don’t think I can look at the lady’s hands properly now. Hahaha.
    You’re hilarious. Thanks for the tip!


      • Try Hair Raising Experienced Consultants at Blk 85C Toa Payoh Lorong 4 #01-372… Less than $40… I bought a package of 10 sessions for $300+ can’t recall exact amount. You can use the package for 3 types of treatment. Hair Dye, Hair Spa and Hair Tonic treatment whereby they pound your scalp with a big brush. Shiok tho! Best is their shampoo..minty cool. Love their lie on a bed-like platform to wash n massage hair. Just like in China.


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