The Arrival

What’s Abd?!!

If you remember reading sometime back, there was an entry about Dajal and clarification was done on the features of Dajal. Now, I’ve done further reading and actually, the description that is being described should not be understood as physical features but rather in a methaphoric term.

I read this book recommended by the lovely Zalinah (Thanks Zal!). The book talks about the arrival of Dajal that has been much talked about since the period of Prophet Muhammad.

I should not be describing too much into what Dajal really is at this point of time but what I can gather through the limited understanding from what I have read of the book so far is:

l Dajal has arrived.
l Dajal is not a person, it is a human race.
l Dajal will ‘travel’ to conquer all but Makkah and Madinah.

If you want to read more on this, the book is titled ‘Kemunculan Dajal Dan Ya’Juj Ma’Juj’ written by Maulana Muhammad Ali.

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