Your Idol!

What’s Abd?!!

History is in the making! He had created history with his win and for many, had always been a hero. He was made a bankrupt and had to pay S$233, 255 for libel damages put out against him. He is and has always been a prominent figure in Singapore’s history. He is a lawyer. His Anson seat win put him into the limelight. Who am I talking about?

Mr. JB Jeyaretnam!

He’s back at age 82! Being made bankrupt didn’t stop him. Being barred from the bar didn’t stop this man. He never stopped. He never did even when he was made to pay that ridiculous amount of money to the government who had won several legal suits against him for being truthful and for fighting for the rights of Singaporeans.

He’s one person all Singaporeans should look up to. He is Singaporean. He is from a minority ehtnic group. Being 82 didn’t fail to stop him. Bankruptcy didn’t. I wonder what would probably! His comeback would indefinitely signal a change in politics and possibly a change in power in due course of time. I bet the old Lee is scratching his head when he heard news that this old nemesis is back with vengeance and more! He must be thinking of new creative ways to prevent this man from contesting, from speaking and above all, from winning.

A win would signal that Singaporeans believe in him and believe that change is for the better of the economy and society. A win would not justify Lee’s policy in maintaining command and control. His fellow technocrat ministers and those educational propaganda sewned out in those classroom lessons would have backfired on him.

The Confucian society that he had built up since independence would have failed him. The Civics and Moral Education classes of respecting elderly and the state and the government would have failed him. Lee’s biting his lips and his neck now trying to shake off the neck brace he’s wearing that have seem to strangle him. He’s half-retired brains now needs to start working again to prevent another loss. Deja vu baby!!

JBJ now smiling at his lucky stars. What a way to get back into politics than on a beautiful full moon. I hear he calls it Reform Party. I hear Reformation! Reformation! Reformation!

Perhaps, it is time for reformation. We’ve been living under an iron’s fist for far too long. But that fist has now seem to rust. JBJ you rock dude! You’d make the greatest grandpa ever! If i join your party, i’d call you ‘Atok Jeya’. You make a cool atok then the other one who’s wearing a neck brace. If you make it to elections, I’ll buy you Teh Tarik larr atok!!!

I’d then sing, “Go play la Jeya Jeya, go play la Jeya Jeyaaa.. I want more teh tarik, go make laa Jeya Jeya”.

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