What’s Abd?!!

Public Lecture by Professor Tariq Ramadan
Marina Mandarin
Grand Ballroom
12 April 2008
“Prophet Muhammad’s Enduring Message to Humanity”

A Muslim Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS) event to the general public audience

I’ve never been interested in attending such lectures but this lecture would perhaps be the beginning to more such events

The lecture brought a message about what Islam is centered about originally


The meaning and how it can be achieved


Following in the footsteps of Prophet Muhammad


How being inclined to sinful activities is normal
Learning how to control and divert attention from Haram to avoid sinning


How you can do your part in changing what is wrong in the community

Trying to attend this lecture was a challenge with Haddad playing Devil’s Advocate and with Izzati falling into the trap (Thanks eh! Bubble aku. Aku ingattt!!) I would have not attended this lecture though had Haddad taken my challenge in mustering enough courage to get the mobile number from that Hot Babe who had her order taken in front of him at Long John Silver (I had to get him to do something for me before I could agree not to go right?)

I must admit that in asking him to do so, it was a tough since he only had 20 minutes to do so. I wouldn’t have been able to do it either! Not my style either to show confidence but I would have definitely tried (plaster your face to the wall and just do it).

Went for the lecture with R who had so kindly allowed me to tag and sit with her since I knew almost no one there except for Saiful and Hidya and another fellow CCPE and an ex-poly mate, Hafi who happened to be there. Enjoyed the lecture immensely with me scribbling notes down. Not really my style in a lecture but perhaps I should since there weren’t any notes. The lecture however did bit me back on a few notes and the pain really hit hard on me. Definitely wasn’t easy to listen to something REAL and at the same time, do a self-reflection on your life especially with what has happened in recent months.

Felt like the mirror was just staring at me and I was avoiding the look the mirror had given me.
I should keep myself in check now

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