A home, away from home

Whats Abd?!!

A big Thank Yous to the BPYs 2007 for your great hospitality and companionship throughout my short stay in your lovely Sultanate.

BPY 07 Can Make Things Happen!

Aizat and Ikhwan – For picking Naz and me up at Miri, Sarawak upon our arrival.

Tasha and family – For gladly accomodating Naz and me at your residence throughout our stay.

Ikhwan and Amier – For driving me around the Sultanate state for a City Tour and visit to the various places of attractions.

Adai – For taking me to Friday prayers at Masjid Jame’ Hassanal Bolkiah and for having us at your engagement. I wish you the best of happiness with your fiance.

Raudhah and Dex – For going jogging with me on a Saturday evening around the National Stadium.

Bob – For having me as his best man on his most important day of his life, marriage with Mimmet. I wish both of you the best of happiness in your future.

Dex – For being a great ‘amahnyaa’ throughout my stay.

Teo Poi Hoon – For spoiling otherwise my great ‘Kolo Mee’ by putting in a fly in my noodle.

Everyone who went to JP – For the great bumper car ride. Hope we can do it again soon and bump those whom we didnt have a chance to 😉

Ex-gf, Heleja – For almost meeting you. You stay too far lar… Should move to Bandar instead of Temburong.. Jauh benarr nak jumpa you lar! Hope you’re doing well and happy in your life.

P.E – For having us over at his place for Nasi Katok and lepak session.

Aizat and family – For having us over at your residence for the doa selamat and Mar/ Apr Birthday Celebrations plus the slideshow and karaoke session.

Jen, Dex and Mony – For taking photos of us and video for memories sake. I tear when I watch the photos and videos.

Chris – For keeping me amused with your ‘Tyra’ poses and your great sense of humour.

To anyone else whom I’ve left out by name – Thank you so much. I’m just too tired to be typing all your names down. Shaza, Ally, Siti, Azie & bf, Adi, Shaq (Rau’s bf), Ahmad, Ibnue, Rieyz, Eldi, Shahrin, Ezan and sape lagi haaa??

Coffee Zone – Serving great tasting coffee and waitresses. ‘Sellinggg’

WYWY – Colourful lamps.

Fake Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf – Selling communist products. khekhekhe

MAPYs – Wonderful seeing you in the Sultanate state. Wish could have spent more time together with you guys too.

Aishah – For being my partner at the wedding as a lovely bridesmaid.

Thank You!

Thank You Everyone!

I hope to be there again soon.

Feels like home, away from home.

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