What’s Abd?!!
I heard that there’s a protest this coming weekend, 15 March 2008 at 1430hrs at the Parliament.
Protest? By Who?
Who else is there other than the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) led by the ever so brave Dr. Chee Soon Juan.
What’s it about?
Tak Boleh Tahan!
Tak Boleh Tahan?
I cannot take it!
You cannot take what?
Tak Boleh Tahan is the theme for the protest.
Those attending are encouraged to be in red top.
Okay… Tak Boleh Tahan what?
Tak Boleh Tahan all the price increase in all the various sectors, ERP, Food, Oil etc…
Interesting.. So what can they offer as a solution?
Good question!
There’s none!
That’s the problem with this party.
I love them for their zest and guts to want to protest but all they do is protest for democracy.
Protest asking the government to lower down prices for the cost of living in Singapore.
Isn’t that good?
Yes it is for a start.
However, there is no follow up action to the protest.
No solution provided.
No credible ideas on how to counter the rising cost.
If they had any to begin with, I’m sure they would have won their seat at Woodlands.
I’m all out for a party that can offer me solution and alternative to the problems that we face.
But if there was anyone who had the solution or alternative to the problems, they’d be in the other party already.
So how? Should I go?
Go to see how they protest but don’t get too near or you’ll get arrested too for illegal gathering.
Remember we are Singapore, democratic as the pledge may be, it does not tolerate any government demonstrations.
Such instances are considered illegal gathering (if more than 5) under the Constitution and you might also be liable for several other court injuctions on you should your protest be found to have caused public nuisance.
So, my advice, keep your distance and make sure you have your handy cam ready for a good show!
If you’re lucky, you might to get to see police brutality!!

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