Yawnss and Dawn

What’s Abd?!!
Well, some interesting things over the weekend.
  • Pesta Pesta Pesta
  • Malaysian Elections

Pesta Pesta Pesta

A very interesting concept this time. Moving away from traditional award shows, this time the concept was refreshing and candid.

The stage had been set to look like a wrestling ring and its presenters as the wrestlers with some celebrities seated at ring side to ‘cheer’.

It did look like a kids show though.

There was quite a number of singing going on just to play with time and the awards weren’t that impressive.

Oh well, I had given that a miss for something more worthwhile of my time.

I just hope things will go well and put things back to perspective.

Malaysian Elections

A very very interesting and expected result.

Barisan Nasional (BN), the coalition had lost states to the opposition and 4 of its cabinet ministers lost their parliamentary seats.

Ex-Deputy Prime Minister, Anwar Ibrahim’s wife and daughter had both won their respective fights. His wife, Dr Wan Azizah retained her seat whilst his daughter, Nurul Izzah, had beaten a Minister in her first ever, general elections. Impressive showing!!!

All in all, BN only managed to garner a simple majority to form a government.

Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi must be scratching his head on what had happened to his leadership which has faced so much clout and critism in recent years. His team of ministers had also been under constant limelight for all the wrong things.

Perhaps Anwar Ibrahim says it best, “It is the beginning of a new dawn”.

Oh well, this for your information, kept me awake till 3am in the morning before I surrendered to the pillows, blanket and mattress.

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