The Election

What’s Abd?!!

Malaysian Elections!!!

08 March 2008


So… it’s interesting!

The election date has been set exactly a month before deposed Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim is legible to contest for election. Nevertheless, he’s on the forefront with his wife, Dr Wan Azizah. The opposition has also been working closely with one another to avoid a 3-corner fight (that will inevitably result in a win for Barisan Nasional).

The Election Commission (EC) has decided against using indelible ink.

Millions more Malaysians are expected to boycott the elections and not vote simply because there is a lack of democracy (only coalition speeches get aired, Singapore a bit better. Give a bit more airtime but critise the opposition in papers and put in good words and big spreads for coalition in the papers) and however way they vote, it’s quite clear who’s going to win the elections.

Okayy…. Sounds very interesting!

But I’m across the causeway.

How does that affect me?

Eh goondu!

Because you live across the causeway is exactly why you should be concerned. Whoever gets to be the government will make changes and these changes will affect ALL countries. Adding on to that, if you haven’t noticed, most of the people who work in Singapore are Malaysians.

Oh yeah… True True…

I got some bad news too!

If you did National Service (NS) with the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) and have finished your NS, prepare yourself for a RECALL this 08 March!


Really?!! Why!!!

Because, if you have noticed in recent years. Everytime Malaysia holds an election, the army will do a recall.

What the hell are we supposed to do?

Very easy… Report for duty with your full pack and then you will be stationed at the Causeway or near the Causeway (Woodlands Centre Road) and perhaps all other entry/ exit points that link Malaysia and Singapore. Which leaves the other one left only – Tuas Checkpoint.

What for?

Well, in case there’s a racial tension there. It might spill over to Singapore and then you have to do what you are supposed to do (suppress and contain any form of uprising).

Gosh… I don’t want to get recalled!

Hahaha… I know!!

So what should I do now?

Very easy, make plans now to go overseas on Friday night perhaps?

Indonesia is the nearest and most hassle-free (considering the Causeway is having a big traffic jam recently and it doesn’t seem to stop soon).

Afterwhich, go to and submit your Overseas Notification to your unit.

If the system is down (very often it is), send an email to your unit to follow up.

That should suffice to cover you in case you get recalled and you are overseas.

That’s A Great Idea!

Of course it is you goondu!

Who wants to get recalled on a Saturday to stand guard for the whole day!

I just saved your date with your Girlfriend, Wife, Mistress, Scandal or watever else you call it.

Show me some form of appreciation next time and make good your time with your loved one.

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