What’s Abd?!!
GCE ‘A’ Level Results
Are you waiting for your results to be released this Friday, 7th March 2008?
Feeling worried about getting your results??
Don’t be!
If you should be worried, it should have been before you sat for your examinations!
It’s way over already!
So, just go pick up your results and be content with what you get cause that’s what you deserved!
Crying won’t help if you didn’t do well. You probably weren’t smart enough to do well afterall!!
Smile and get on with your life!!
If you’re Malay and need to lighten up for the bad/good/moderate results, come to watch ‘Pesta Pesta Pesta’. I guarantee you, you will feel smarter when you leave after watching those artises.
Pesta Pesta Pesta??

An awards show for the local malay artises. Here’s the link for more information: http://suria.mediacorptv.sg/PPP08/index.htm

Cehh… What’s So Interesting About It?

Well, since you weren’t feeling good about your results. This is a good place to be at. You can scream and shout as loud as you want since everyone there will be screaming (trust me on this, I been to a show once and I know how deafening it is).

Plus! You might get spotted for being the most ‘Semangat’ (Enthusiastic) Fan and bring home a prize!

Sounds like a great Idea!! But I Want More!!!

You’ll get to meet lotsa mats (if you’re a girl) and minahs (if you’re a guy) and if you think you’re too old for school.

Think again.

You just finished ‘A’ Levels!

You are right where you belong!!!

Where do I get Tickets??

Don’t worry! Just gate crash your way!! How else better to spend a sucky day knowing you’re not academically smart! You’ll get the thrills too!

That’s too risky!!!

Oh well… I guessed it. You ain’t got the guts to do it.

Tell you what, stand and wait then cause they might just let you in if the studio ain’t full enough.

Sigh… Wait??

Lazy is it??

Go down to Caldecott Broadcast Centre and take the tickets on your own lah!!


Will you be there?



I need to express myself out too you know with all the stress that I have entertaining stupid pigs like you and I have a good friend who got nominated.

So, the reception will serve good food for me when I crash through!!

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