Rise Of The Giant

What’s Abd?!!

image courtesy of wikipedia.

China is increasing their military spending by 17.6% this 2008.
That’s up to about 57.2 billion dollars!! BUT don’t jump out of your seat too soon.
President Bush proposed to spend 600 billion dollars on the U.S defense and military this 2008!
That’s more than 10 times more of what China is spending.

Guessed who’s making the most noise yet?
The United States of course!!!

Guessed why yet??
Because China is growing exponentially in terms of economic growth and military growth and would surpass any other economy in the world in the next few years (I project it to be by 2015), eventually becoming the world power in economy and military (after population growth of course which they have shown clearly how capable they are). So it’s quite obvious that the U.S is worried that they might not be able to be the world power in the near future.

Should we worry?
As long as we’re not in Taiwan and remain allies with China, we’re pretty much safe.

What would be better than China you say?
If the Middle East countries decide to push their egos aside and join forces.
That would be a sight to be seen and to bow down to.

Why Middle East you say?
They are the main producers of oil in this world. Without them, there’d be no proper economy in the world to steer by. They should seriously consider joining arms in brotherhood of Islam creating their own Union (after pushing Israel aside since Israel is being supported by U.S and stole land from Palestine historically speaking a matter of fact after getting borrowed land from U.K). The Middle East nations should really form a union of their own! Imagine what would happen if one day they decide to stop selling oil to U.S and supply only China. Can you imagine that??

What happens to Singapore then?
Really depends on which side they want to bank on. If they take sides with U.S, then I don’t suppose you’ll be heading anywhere further since most of Singapore economy is U.S reliant.

What should you do?!
Migrate!!! Migrate!! Migrate!

To any other country that supports Middle East. Seriously, Indonesia would be a great place despite what the U.S says about Jemaah Islamiyah. Indonesia has more than 17, 000 islands! There’s more than enough land to go around!
If Indonesia get its act together, it’ll be the top five economy in the world (I project it to be 3rd if it progresses like China) after China and India.

Still thinking??
You should be!!
If someone crazy bombs ExxonMobil at Jurong Island, we’ll perish!
(Judging from how Mas Selamat managed to get away despite tight security – Impossible Is Nothing!)

Can’t Speak Bahasa??
You are kidding me!! Were you born here or are you one of those who took up citizenship huh?
Majulah Singapura is THE national anthem and you can’t speak bahasa?!!

You are definitely not Singaporean if you don’t know and you probably know the U.S anthem better right???

So what are you waiting for?
GO and LEARN Majulah Singapura or return your citizenship back okay?
But if you are Singaporean and have forgotten the national anthem and if all else fails just say this, “Marilah Kita Bersatu, Dengan Semangat Yang Baru!” (thrusting your clench fist into the air) and that means “Let us come together, with renewed spirit!”.

That should get those Indonesians roaring in support for you!
You might even get to lead the provincial government!!

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